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Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic, Ph.D.


Micah Johnson served as Graduate Assistant for Multicultural Student Affairs and Student Success. He developed multicultural programming that fostered diversity and respect for cultural differences among students on campus. Micah invited guests to campus and marketed creative and unique events. Micah worked to found Shepherd’s first Black Student Union (BSU). In 2015, Micah presented independent research at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Education, Leadership, Humanities, and Arts in Washington, DC. At the conference, Micah presented his study, “Survey of Multicultural Education, Media Images, and Expectations of Minority Group Members on Campus.” He explained the purpose of his research and asked students if they felt they were provided with effective multicultural education at Shepherd. Micah asked students about their classes and the multicultural competencies. He wanted to know if the campus encouraged diversity. Micah was also directly involved with the implementation and preparation of several initiatives on Shepherd’s campus. He collaborated with the Storer College Award Committee to organize an Storer College Faculty Award Ceremony on 2/25 with a performance by Shepherd Alumna, Carolyn Malachi. Micah also collaborated with a new Pan African Student Union on 12/2/2015 to host speaker, Ambassador of Liberia, Jeremiah C. Sulenteh. On 12/1/15, he also hosted a holocaust event entitled, “A Holocaust Survivor Story” for 90 participants. On 11/9/2015, Micah developed a “101 Series” about empowerment strategies and social change to promote unity. Social Justice 101 defined social justice and various tools to explore interaction on campus. In Activism 101, 50+ students participated in a forum on human rights and social justice. On 10/13/15, Micah hosted the National Hispanic Heritage Month Dinner attended by 300+ students. He also collaborated with the Multicultural Leadership Team on 11/12/15 to host spoken word artist, David Romero.