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Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic, Ph.D.


Ms. Rachel Tysor is an undergraduate student in the Nursing Program at Shepherd University. She plans to graduate in December of 2017. Before enrolling at Shepherd, Ms. Tysor was employed as a cataract and cornea surgery coordinator in Newport News, Virginia. Her personal and academic interests include nursing, sociology, anthropology, poetry, and visual arts. Throughout her professional career, Ms. Tysor has been recognized for her outstanding work ethic and participation in specialty and community volunteer projects. Ms. Tysor is also well-traveled, having explored locations overseas such as Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and South Africa. She is most concerned about environmentally responsible business practices and enhancing social consciousness regarding impoverished communities. In the future, Ms. Tysor plans to apply her five years of patient-care experience and the RN-Bachelors of Science degree in a community-based, corporate, or non-profit organizational setting.