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Help Bridge (HB) specializes in leadership and social justice education for youth and adult learners. HB offers a variety of training options including on‐site workshops, mini-conferences, online or teleconferencing, and one-on-one coaching. Dr. Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic, founder of HB, is a Chair of the Department of Sociology and Geography and the sociology internship coordinator at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. She is an associate professor of sociology and criminal justice studies, a grant writer, and a community mentor. Dr. Howard-Bostic is also a former college director of institutional assessment and has served as an executive director of housing and human services.


The HB teaching philosophy is grounded in the ideas of W.E.B. DuBois. The team couples objective analysis with personal ideology in a way that blends serious scholarship with passionate forms of social action. As advocates for social change, they use historical-comparative approaches to create an entry-point for dialogue and a deep understanding of social conditions.

Help Bridge (HB) at offers:

  • Leadership and Social Justice Training
  • Research exploring race, class, gender, crime, and community
  • Course descriptions and syllabi for sociology and criminal justice courses
  • Audio lectures from sociology and criminal justice courses
  • Local and international youth and community service projects

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