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Dr. Howard-Bostic is youth mentor. Howard-Bostic has volunteered in Berkeley County schools for 4 years as a youth educator. On February 16, 2017, she received the History Maker Leadership Certificate. Howard-Bostic and four phenomenal community leaders were recognized by Berkeley County Schools for their work in the local community. Howard-Bostic has led a STEM Project and Diversity Project at Tomahawk Intermediate School, Hedgesville, WV. On Fridays of each month, she provides activities about social issues based upon themes, “Around the World in 180 School Days” and “Majors States and STEM.” She also volunteers with the Step Team at South Middle School.

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Dr. Howard-Bostic works very closely with Board of Education leaders, teachers, and counselors in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties of West Virginia. Howard-Bostic understands that helping others contributes to a healthy and vibrant community. The supportive, healthy relationships formed are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits. Through youth mentoring and community service, young people are provided with tools to become responsible adults. Her mission is to cultivate strengths, encourage positive relationships, and develop each student's ability to make responsible choices.

“Scout troop #40160 enjoy the Giant Map of Africa at Shepherd with a geographer from National Geographic.

Giant Map of Africa 2016

Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV
“During Howard-Bostic's diversity workshop series, 3rd grade students made a beautiful collage of hands representing flags of countries explored throughout the school year.

Our Dream 2016

Tomahawk Intermediate School, Hedgesville, WV